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5 Memory Skills That Can Make You Smarter

5 Memory Skills That Can Make You Smarter

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Getting smarter often helps us get ahead in life; whether it is mastering skills at work or at home or just being able to tackle your day-to-day agenda better. That’s why having a few key and easy to use memory techniques at hand come in handy as they play an important role in making us smarter, helping us perform tasks more efficiently and effectively. 
Trying to recall an idea or information from the past strengthens the neural pathways associated with that concept, making it easier to recall information from the past in the future. Using flash cards to recall a memory is not just great for students, but for anyone who wants to better their memory. “The more you can explain about the way your new learning relates to prior knowledge, the stronger your grasp of the new learning will be, and the more connections you create that will help you remember it later” explain Peter Brown, Henry Roediger, and Mark McDaniel, the authors of ‘Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning’.
It’s best to try and understand a subject from multiple angles, as using various examples to understand a subject helps better your memory skills of memorizing as well as retaining. For instance in cricket batsmen face a variety of deliveries, from spin to pace, to increase their batting average in real time. “By wading into the unknown first and puzzling through it, you are far more likely to learn and remember the solution than if somebody first sat down to teach it to you”, state the authors. 
Evaluation can be the key to making smarter decisions and improving productivity. Taking a few moments to reflect on what happened can go a long way in helping you make better decisions. Researchers from the Harvard Business School noted that reflective writing can be powerful tool. Asking yourself questions, like what went wrong or well? What were your shortcomings? What can you improve? Can you recall something from this? Just 15 minutes of reflection increased people’s performance by 23 percent. 
Sometimes using identifying certain thoughts or memories with images using images can be a useful hack to add to your spectrum of understanding, helping you understand quickly and clearly, while making you smarter. “Mnemonics are not tools for learning per se”, the authors write, “but for creating mental structures that make it easier to retrieve what you have learned”.
Receiving feedback that reveals to you where you might be wrong misinformed or not thinking clearly is also called the process of calibration. According to the authors, “Calibration is simply the act of using an objective instrument to clear away illusions and adjust your judgment to better reflect reality.” This process is necessary for us to break away from the ‘cognitive illusion’ that engulfs us, to think more clearly and to better understand something we haven’t really.

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