Hi world, hope you guys are fine. Sorry for being missing for a long time. But fall is just around the corner. Weather is changing, it’s effect us a lot. Anyways so today I’m going to share some Productive Habits you should start doing from now to build a healthy lifestyle and try to be regular

Let’s begin


Well Routine sounds boring to us. Nobody wants to spend their days doing same stuff daily. But let me tell you that planning a routine and sticking to it helps us a lot in so many ways. At least you should schedule your morning and night rituals. It would improve your sleep and overall health. And that’s how you gonna find more time for yourself. You will start seeing a big difference in your life. You will start learning to be punctual. Routine is important it might be boring and no fun but you can make it fun for yourself. If you’re willing to make things easier. My advice for you is to plan your routine for 15 days, at least give it a try. You’ll see


Your To Do List

So basically to do list is a very fun way of memorizing things you wants to do in future. In our lives every day is somehow different. Things are never be same. Everyday we have different mood, different problems, different weather and I know these things influence us a lot. So how to remember things you need to get done? Simple ! Make your to do list. Plus point is you have 2 options!?


First you can make a list in your notebook whether diary or make your to do list calendar and hang it on your wall or put it in your hand bag, Yeas!! Second idea is super fun as we people spend our whole time using cell phones so you can download your to do list app with reminder, Yes. That’s how you never gonna even miss your daily small task’s. Like your morning jog or your interview timing. Than don’t get late !! By the way lemme share my app I’ve been using from a while and it is helping me a lot, well it’s KEEP or Google keep.

Keep Learning

As I mentioned before it’s really hard for us to be consistent but not impossible. But the only condition of possibility is to keep learning. Learn as much as you can. Learning help us in growing our better selves. And it’s just not you’re learning for your school test. It is an active process of learning not just memorizing definitions and books no !! Learning new skills, learning new ideas, learning to groom your knowledge.


This is basically what true learning is!! I’ve seen many people who have studied from very known college’s and universities but have zero learning, zero skills. Why? because they were not willing to learn. well even if you have no one to teach you start learning by yourself. Become your own teacher

Stop Comparing & Start a Gratitude Journal

Sigh !!! Comparing ourselves from other people is really not gonna change anything. It’s really pity ! It’s sad ! That we are putting down ourselves by our own self. The only reason might be they appear more appealing than us, maybe physically or whatever our perspective is. We don’t understand the hard work those people might have did. We actually know nothing about anyone. Everyone has their stories they don’t read out loud. Everyone has problems. We just start comparing, judging.


The actual problem with ourselves is that we only see the bright side of other people, We see the comfort or the success but not the journey. We gotta find the positive aspects of our lives. We gotta find out, Count our blessings and be thankful for what we have! You have no idea somebody is dreaming a life you’re living in  Start Writing a journal or diary, Add some colors and start writing every single blessing. Having all your limbs and other body part is another blessing, Count it down

Use Your Spare Time Wisely

Everyone needs little fun. Whether you hang out with your family or friends and have some quality time. But everyday you find a little while to do nothing. Almost people are wasting that time, Spare time on their phone. Doing nothing but scrolling over social media. But if you really wanna change your life, if you’re willing to create a healthy lifestyle then you need to find out some interesting habits to enjoy. Such as mediation? Exercises, jogging, swimming, reading or writing . Whatever your interests are. Trust me these habits not only gonna change your physical health but mental health as well.


Be Positive

It’s easy to say but hard to do ! Being positive is not that easy. Cause human nature behaves as per environmental factors. Whether it’s a very hot day or maybe a argument with someone you love. Sometimes we are living a positive life looking good in everyone helping Poor’s, but suddenly something really bad happened to us. Somebody cheated on us then what?? We did everything positive how could this happens to us like why!?!?


How can one be positive in that kinda situation. All that positivity melts away. Why? Cause we bond our positivity with people. Cause we expect a lot we forget always that we all are human beings. We cannot be perfect and we cannot control other actions and we need to even stop thinking about it. We need to be more focused on ourselves. The day everyone start seeing good in everything no matter how harsh the situation would be we start living. We need to stop judging, stop complaining, stop bullying, stop criticism just stop expecting anything from anyone. We need to take control of ourselves just our own self. Stay focused ! Stay positive

I hope it would help

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About the Author :Deepak Kumar is a blogger and Online activist. He is the owner of creativecorners99.com a Blogging and Life Tips blog. You can Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest and on Google+.

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