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The Big Three Pillars of Good Health

The Big Three Pillars of Good Health Are: Exercise, Sleep, & Food

These are the healthiest way back to good health if you have become over weight or out of shape.

1. Exercise –

Isn’t it incredible that in a world where disagreement is the norm,  virtually everyone is in agreement that exercise is extremely vital and  healthy? So  much so some organizations are now recommending dropping the cautionary  phrase of ‘see your doctor before starting an exercise program’ because  deterring some people from starting immediately does more harm than  good.


For  younger people, like students, high intensity exercise is great.  Sprinters train less and have much better bodies and health than  marathoners. 

2. Sleep & Rest –

Everything (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, etc.)  about the human body thrives and builds resilience with stress and  rest, stress and rest. Doing the same workout, exercise, game, or job  all the time is less effective, because your body gets accustom to it  and isn’t stressed. Cross training and doing different things with  different stresses is better. Meeting and interacting with new people  instead of hanging out with the same small friends. Find lots of ways  to MOVE out of your Comfort Zone very often and then rest well.


Students  who skip on sleep will pay a high price for their short term success.  Play school as though your health/life depends on playing well. Develop  good habits that will last a lifetime. Rest well & watch your stress  levels. 

3. Real Food –

Many Western countries have lots of very sick and obese people because  they eat too much cheap government subsidized, artificial, fake food.  (Examples: highly processed GMO grains & sugars, artificial  sweeteners, HFCS). These untested fake foods are highly inflammatory,  increase insulin resistance thereby directly causing obesity, diabetes,  and a myriad of other illnesses. Eat REAL, whole foods, like people did  50 years ago when almost everyone was thin and you will be much  healthier and thinner yourself.


Students  should be very, very wary of that free soda or caffeine counter in the  dorm. Every can or glass of soda per day dramatically increases the risk  of obesity and diabetes. And diet soda is even worse as the fake  sweetener disrupts natural insulin and leptin responses.


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